DaFreeGo combines the possibility of choreographing your own dance, to learn how to dance, filming and changing dance speed, and sharing your dance.

DaFreeGo is for everyone(+ 12 years), whether you want to train and exploit your dance potential or just learn some awesome moves and make fun videos.

DaFreeGo is created by dancers and owned by dancers. With DaFreeGo we give you the foundation moves for urban dance styles and our own personal favorites. We, dancers, are excited to give you this dance opportunity and look forward to seeing your dance performances and personal styles. DaFreeGo is about getting inspired and learning, feeling free and having fun

Learn how to dance. DaFreeGo lets you easily choose between the dance style and the moves you want to learn. Avatars show you the moves, and you can control the avatar dance speed and decide from what angle you want to see your move. Slow down for as long as you want to, and learn every move at your own pace. Then practise your dance moves to music in 3 different tempos.

Get inspiration and create your own dance. Choose between 150 moves from the coolest urban styles; hip hop, shuffle, commercial, break dance, lite feet, harlem shake, afro jamaican and of course action moves, hot now and fun moves. Mix these styles as you want to. Say, spice up your Jamaican Afro dance with an action move? DaFreeGo lets you also choose ”your own move” and add your move and own style to the dance sequence.

Film and edit the tempo in your dance movie. You don’t have to be a dance star to make an awesome and fun video. Choose between 3 different dance speeds (slow, medium or fast) and 3 different film speeds (slow, real-time or fast). Use your Ipad or Iphone as a mirror, with a dance avatar standing right next to you, showing you your own dance.You find your dance film on your own device. Before posting to friends or social medias, you can complete the editing.

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